Mossberg 50460 500 Chainsaw 12ga Shotgun For Sale 

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MOSSBERG & SONS INC 500 Special Purpose Chainsaw Certainly one of the most unusual-looking guns to come out is the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw. Built in the iconic Mossberg 500 action, the Chainsaw is a pistol-grip pump-action shotgun with no stock. While guns like this are desirable for home defense, they're notoriously hard to control while firing, a problem that Mossberg has solved by attaching a wrap-around chainsaw-style hand grip to the pump. Intended to be fired from the hip, this top handle allows the user to cycle the action while simultaneously maintaining leverage above the gun to help tame muzzle flip. In addition to the chainsaw-style grip, the 500 Chainsaw has a stand-off barrel that can be used to breech doors and three rails that can mount accessories. SPECIFICATIONS: Mfg Item Num: 50460 Category: FIREARMS - TACTICAL SHOTGUNS Action :Pump Gauge :12 Barrel Length :18.5 in Capacity :5 + 1 Chamber :3 in Length :31 in Weight :6 lbs Drop : Stock :Synthetic Pistol Grip Finish :Black

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Mossberg 50460 500 Chainsaw 12ga Shotgun For Sale Mossberg 50460 500 Chainsaw 12ga Shotgun For Sale
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